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bharathanatyam e mudras - um pouco de informação

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Among the Fine Arts, Dance or Natya forms the major Branch.It is considered as one of the most popular and highly sacred form of worshipping the Lord.The term Bharathanatyam is believed to have its originfrom "Natyasastra"(book written by Sage Bharatha). One opinion is that the dance invented by Sage Bharatha came to be caled as Bharatha natyam. Another version is that the dance combined in it the aspect of drama,music,stage,color and rhythm,poetry etc.,.Even the term Bharatha is codified by taking the initial syllabels of Bhava , Raga, Tala.

Hand Gestures or Hand mudras are one of the striking features of the classical dance. They are the touchstones of dance. The dancer is able to express all ideas and symbols through the language of gestures or mudrabasha. The beauty of Natya can be revealed to its maximum by the Hasthamudras and Hasthachalana.Hastha forms the part of angika abhinaya , the other being mukhabhinaya, facial expression. Hasthas enable the dancer to augment the communicate between people.It also enhances the impact of abhinaya. But mudras should be employed in accordance with the bodily movements, facial expression and suitable situations.Care should be taken to see that mudras expressed should not alter the meaning thus casing damage to bhava and sentiments.

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